Entrepreneurs bring upcycling to Greater Moncton

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MONCTON – A growing hobby called upcycling has found its way to the city of Moncton by two entrepreneurs who hope to turn a profit while also help the environment.

Melanie Paulin and Wendy Barren recently opened two new retail shops where they’re using upcycling to take old furniture or objects and repurpose them.

“I felt the need to do something different with my life,” said Paulin, who has her doctorate in microbiology.

Paulin left the lab and her microscope in Dec. and opened her upcycling shop called Carte Blanche Upcycling Furniture in Moncton.

“I like to describe upcycling often as recycling with style,” she said.

She said the trend of refinishing old furniture is popular in Europe and Western Canada, and now the upcycling movement is come east.

“I think it’s a special way of reusing things instead of always going out and buying something new,” she said.

Refinishing furniture is…

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New Beginnings

Diverscycle is the launch of new, fun modern way to up cycle.

80% of UK household rubbish can be recycled or reused…420.000 tonnes of waste wood is produced by households! A further 670.000 tones of this wood produced is wooden pallets and crates. This alone is just one of that landfill facts we face today! With this thought in mind Diverscycle aims to reduce waste by creating a business around up cycled products and educating people on up cycling wood and other household waste to use in this modern day and age! Our promise to you is to provide a valuable education with quality creative outcomes by using a new modern way of up cycling .