The Crate People

The Crate People

Hello everyone!

Happy Friday!

This week I have found somme cracking displays I’m going to pop up later hopefully get some people inspired!
But first I have to share this amazing website which is fantastic it is one of the websites that is similar to the image and style id like Divercycle to have but  Divercycle being more in-depth, another reason why I want to create my business the Uk,Scotland  the americans are already on it! Its amazing what you an do ,take a look and see what you think!  



So after a great deal of relaxing on my holiday to Ibiza I came home for my first run which was rather hard work and   my next next post popped into my head !10443731_736590763030115_1365252515_n


Why did I choose to do to create and focus on something like up cycling?Well in my opinion there is a HUGH amount of wastage in this country and in others don’t get me wrong!, but I see many landfills on my travels to and from work and university and I ask myself Why? Like many other designers why is the key thing to think! Why is there so much waste still around us we have been given so many “scares” about global warming and such so why do we continue to waste? Well in my opinion is down to two things.

1. Humas are just plain lazy!
I know it sound bad but its very true we have our bins at our doorsteps and people come and collect it for us,we have people to clean our windows, even in some places people who fill out petrol/gas in our cars for us! So yes Humans are lazy unless we are handed it to us when it comes to trash we just want rid in the easiest way. Unless they personally have a passion or interest!

2. Education!
Educating society today is ever changing you constantly here of new curriculum’s every three of four years because they have found a new way of educating people which will help!
Also there is currently a disuccsion perhaps you could even say debate on the creative learning subjects within schools. In university I have been taught that thinking creatively is the new way forward most successful people today have a creative mind they have the ability to see a gap or ask that big Why? A great example of this is shown by Ken Robinson in this clip below!

I personally have witness this first hand, being at school and have a creative mind, I was never one to choose Mathematics or chemisrty in my subject choices in fact for my last year of school I spent 90% of in my Art and Design department and I would stay in till after school hours something that is very rare for the average classroom student before college or university. Ill never forget when the 3.25pm bell would ring students would be packed and ready like they had been locked in a cage all day and about to be let loose! So when it came to applying to university which was and art school most of my teachers frowned upon it as not a useful way to make a career for myself!

So I believe that buy bringing education to society and teaching them how they can use these facilities and create a passion for them or even an interest it would be successful. By placing this opportunity right on there doorstep there in so way of being lazy or disinterested.Aiming for education and younger creative generation in schools to show that creativity is the key to success we just have to start to tune our brains into that way of thinking. So lets change society has become “lazy” and show how by using ways to make things and create waste into a more sustainable life! Its fine for us as humans we have been put on this planet and when we die we are built to return to the earth with out any pre processing we do not have to go through any treatment what so ever! Where as these products we are placing in landfill will stay on this earth for 1000s of years if we don’t start to be more sustainable !Run

Mini JETaway

So using my time wisely siting in an airport is the best time to write blog posts!

I have booked a little reward get away for passing and getting Into forth year of my degree! The big forth year! So I’m taking to this time to relax before coming home with a bang! My intention is to start blogging much more something I’m sure you have heard many bloggers say they never do enough but I am going to try my hardest to beat that!!

So stay tuned for an update after my mini JETaway!