Divercycle- all go.

So as most of you know I have been planning the start of the diver cycle business plan for many weeks now trying to get all the research in and start some trials! Im happy to say that I have had some great responses from some companies in Dundee willing to help out and give us there unwanted/unused Pallets to do a started focus group!.

So to start of my new semester of blogging here is some new interesting facts about what Dundee gave the world, just to let you get to know a little about the upcoming City I’m from.

Dundee City of Discovery –

http://dundee.stv.tv/articles/259425-seven-cool-things-that-dundee-gave-the-world/- source

Dundee has given the world a whole host of things that most people probably don’t know about.

So, in an effort to try to enlighten the world, we’ve compiled a list of seven pretty cool things that you probably didn’t know have their roots right here in Dundee.

1 – The radio

James Bowman Lindsay, who was a trained handloom weaver, graduated from St Andrews University in 1821.

He went on to become a lecturer in science and mathematics here in Dundee at the Watt Institution, which is now closed. More importantly though, he sent the first ever wireless radio broadcast in 1832 from right here in sunny Dundee.

2 – Grand Theft Auto

Not many people know this but the first Grand Theft Auto game was developed in Dundee. Don’t believe me? Check this video from the BBC. They took a trip to the GTA offices about a year before the first game was released in 1997.

More recent iterations of the game feature a whole host of references to Scotland, and Dundee. Like this one, from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

via STV via STV

Legend says the game was developed right above the Nether Inn but this is wrong. The company who developed the game, DMA Designs, were based above the Nether Inn at one point but they moved to Discovery House in the Technology Park. It was here that GTA was born.

3 – Aspirin

  (Joe Birchenall) 
via STV via STV

Yep. Headache shrinking and hangover-curing aspirin was first developed in Dundee, by a Dundonian.

Dr Thomas John MacLagan developed the drug’s earliest form in 1876 and even though it did need more input from German scientists before being distributed it was Dr MacLagan who did the majority of the legwork. The microscope he used is still in the Tayside Medical History Museum.

4 – Frankenstein

Mary Shelley lived in Dundee and started to write Frankenstein while she was living here. A plaque on South Baffin Street still commemorates the links between the city and book, as you can see in the picture below.

Or, if you’re a bit of a bookworm then you can read Mary Shelley herself discuss the impact that Dundee had on her writing in the introduction of the 1831 third edition of Frankenstein.

5 – The Abbey Road album cover

The Beatles are one of the biggest bands of all time and the picture of them on Abbey Road is easily one of the most iconic album covers ever.

The late Iain McMillan, who took the picture, was not only a top-notch photographer but also a Dundonian. Bet you didn’t know that, did you?

6 – Stamps

Stamps might not be the most interesting item on this list but they are incredibly important to us. The facts are a little uncertain on this one but several books claim that James Chalmers, who was definitely born in Dundee in 1782, invented the first adhesive postage stamp and, as a result, changed the way we communicated forever. Not bad eh?

7 – Dennis the Menace

Alright, so this last one’s pretty well-known but surely nobody could say that Dennis is unworthy of an appearance on this list.

The meddlesome youngster and his faithful hound Gnasher have caused no end of grief for grown-ups in countless comic books, films and TV series. He’s aged nicely though and you’d never guess he was well over 60 years old from looking at the picture above.


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