Is Apple “greener” than Starbucks?


Just about every major corporation today understands the importance of running a sustainable business. Generally speaking, this means one in which water gets conserved, energy and materials come increasingly from clean sources, and the social impact of the business is positive. The trouble is, until now there have been few ways to measure not only how brands are performing environmentally but also how the public perceives that performance. And how the public perceives a company’s greenness is becoming increasingly important. “More and more companies are looking at social purpose and corporate citizenship as part of their core offering,” says Jez Frampton, the Global CEO of Interbrand, an international brand consultancy. “Why? It helps drive purchases.”

That’s especially true of the millennial generation. In general, they prefer to buy from companies who share their worldview—especially when it comes to the environment. In the decade ahead, those companies that invest in initiatives…

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90 Pallet Interior Ideas

As wood is getting scarcer, wooden furniture is becoming more expensive, sought after and valuable.  Recycled pallet furniture is a creative, earth-friendly, and inexpensive way to add some wood to your decor.

At the same time there is a trend towards a simpler lifestyle and bringing natural materials like wood back into the home. Alot of people salvage these materials from shipyards, buildings, barns and factories and “upcycle” it (another buzz word) into beautiful furniture.

This post was inspired by a pinteresting board by 1001 Pallets on Pinterest.  They have also created an entire blog based on creative diy projects made from recycled/repurposed pallets.  This is a very cool site.  Visit 1001 Pallets for more. Follow 1001 Pallets on Pinterest.

Porch swing made from repurposed pallets. Genius idea. [via]

DIY hanging pallet for garden organization. [via]

Pallet as optimized habitat for insects. If you love insects, here is a custom way to welcome biodiversity in your garden. [via]

These coffeetables/sidetables are made with love out of shipping pallets. [via]

Sofa made from recycled pallets.

Winter garden made from pallets. [via]

Outdoor pallets bar & stools. [via]

Don’t have enough space for a garden…try the vertical pallet garden ! [via]

Garden pallet table. [via]

Custom pallet as a coffee table ! for cards players ! [via]

Patio bar made from recycled pallets.

Vertical garden on recycled pallet. [via]

Sides of pallets painted white, floor is white plywood, roof is plexiglass with emergency blanket. Illuminated by a yellow florescent in the bottom and 2 red or blue florescent at the top of the rear pallet. [via]

Many models of colored garden armchair made with old pallets ! [via]

DIY: Chillout pallet sofa.  [via]

Mobile storage from recycled pallets.

Kids bed made from recycled pallets. [via]

Here is one of the most complete and beautiful pallet DIY project we’ve seen ! An entire kid house dedicated to play and/or read ! Made by Antony Mazelin for a french kid concept store ! [via]

DIY Pallet wall by Treestyler. Idea proposed by Meme Theme on Facebook. [via]

12 WIDE Mouth Size DIY Mason Jar Lantern Hangers (Wires Only- No jars or Wood Hanger) This is a really cool Etsy store! by treasureagain

A children playhouse made entirely from recycled pallets ! [via]

Rustic dining table made from repurposed pallets. [via]

Garden lounge made from recycled pallets. [via]

Bar made of pallets and a baby-carriage ! [via]

Trunk built from pallets. [via]

Accent wall made from pallets. [via]

Mobile entertainment center made from repurposed pallets.  Brilliant! [via]

Stools made from shipping pallets. [via]

Here is another way of use for a discarded pallet. Holds 10 standard wine bottles or your favorite booze! [via]

Outdoor storage bench made from pallets. [via]

Homemade pallet coffee table. [via]

How to hang a pallet.  Hanging wall shelf made from repurposed pallet. [via]

A nice, possibly colored and very cheap TV holder ! [via]

Kitchen island made from pallets.

Sliding bathroom door made from refinished pallets.

Porch swing made from a pallet. Beautiful boat atmosphere !

Outdoor pallet sofas.

Bathroom pallet wall.

Pallet garden bench.

Pallet turned into a bench. – Pallet Storage Bench/Coffee Table Tutorial.  This blog has a lof of great ideas for upcycled pallet furniture with full tutorials. [via]

Ball jar storage shelf made from a recycled pallet. [via]

Bed made from pallets.

DIY with wooden pallets and crates. Pallet table. [via]

Pallet twin beds.

Pallet easel.

Pallet island for your kitchen. Couresy of Beyond the Picket Fence. [via]

Also check out their other beautiful furniture made from upcycled pallets. Lots of beautiful images. [via]

Pallet book shelf.

Pallet shoe rack.

Pallet stools.

Mudroom made with palets.

Computer desk made from pallets.

Red sofas made from upcycled pallets.

Home theater made from upcycled pallets.

Pallet shevles and bike rack.

Pallet armchair and console table.

Upcycled pallet wall shelf.

Upcycled pallet toddler bed. [via]

The following images come from a brilliant article on upcycled pallets.  [via]

Upcycled mobile pallet coffee table.

Upcycled pallet flooring.

Upcycled pallet porch swing.

Outdoor hanging hammock made from upcycled pallets.

Pallet vertical garden.

Pallet garden bench.

Green mobile coffee table made from upcycled pallet.

Low profile pallet coffee table.

Artistic pallet coffee table.

Pallet coat rack.

Pallet headboard.

Room divider made from upcycled pallets.

DIY pallet headboard.

Pallet lounge sofa.

Corner nook made from upcycled pallets.

Pallet wall art.

Bar made from upcycled pallets.

Rustic kitchen made with pallets.

Pallet kitchen storage rack.

Upcycled pallet kitchen island.

Mobile outdoor table made from pallets.

Pallet stairs.

Artful pallet tree.

Chic apartment furniture made from upcycled pallets.

Outdoor garden made from pallets.

Kitchen pot rack made with pallet.

Beautiful pallet shelf.

Pallet mudroom.

Music room sofa made from upcycled pallets.


Living room decorated with pallet furniture. [via]

Hutch made from recycled pallets. [via]

Pallet Armoire

Pallet Side Table [via]

Pallet Chair [via]

Pallets in the bathroom of a loft. [via]

Pallet Desk [via]

DIY Tutorial on this FAB Pallet Topped Desk! [via]

Pallet kitchen furniture. [via]

Outdoor pallet bench. [via]

Pallet plant holders. [via]

Pallet house for firewood. [via]

Moon cradle made out of pallets. [via]

Some photos of our first little prototyping focus group.

Our Finished Products!


Some photos of the process of our hard workers!

Lovely pallet wine rack!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Upcycled Pallet Wine Rack

We create gorgeous shelf/display pieces out of old shipping pallets.  Use them for wine bottle/liquor storage, books, art, framed photos, you name it.  Each rustic rack comes with three eye hooks for securing to a wall.  We can make these to order in any finish you choose: natural, stained, waxed, or painted.

Measures: 12″ tall (8″ tall backboard) x 30″ long x 5.5″ deep
Comes with 3 strong eye hooks to hang on wall

You can purchase these wineracks at our store or on etsy for $80 plus S&H:

  1. I believe it is pine…


Recycling vs. Upcycling: What is the difference?

The difference between Upcycle and Recycle


pile of plastic bottles for recycling Over the last decade the term “Upcycling” has been coined and worked into the discourse of sustainability efforts. It appeared in William McDonough’s book, Cradle to Cradle. It has yet to earn itself mainstream popularity, but its necessity as a goal for how we should be progressing makes its definition important. Like so many things in sustainability, I come across many enthusiasts who are trying to promote the practice but may be passing around an incorrect meaning.

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