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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Upcycled Pallet Wine Rack

We create gorgeous shelf/display pieces out of old shipping pallets.  Use them for wine bottle/liquor storage, books, art, framed photos, you name it.  Each rustic rack comes with three eye hooks for securing to a wall.  We can make these to order in any finish you choose: natural, stained, waxed, or painted.

Measures: 12″ tall (8″ tall backboard) x 30″ long x 5.5″ deep
Comes with 3 strong eye hooks to hang on wall

You can purchase these wineracks at our store or on etsy for $80 plus S&H:

  1. I believe it is pine…


A New Beginning.

So I have recently started up this blog with the intentions to carry
out this business idea ( Divercycle )! into my forth year or Jewellery and Metalwork Design,I know what your thinking this isn’t jewellery! no, of course its not. But stay with me…

This has been something I have always been interested in and had a passion for many years always as a child and with my Aunt we would be making something wonderful for her garden and house from whatever we had found on the road trip earlier on in the week! “There is aways something she would tell me, you just have to keep your eyes open!” The advantage of the course  that I’m studying is that you learn an array of skills which prepares us ready for the ever-changing future. 

Taking a module for the end of my third year and continuing onto my forth and final year, Design Enterprise lead by Professor Mike Press is a module lead around being an entrepreneur. He guided my class through an amazing programme called Starter for Six produced by Nesta created by The University of Dundee,Scotland. This programme allowed you to put your passions/business ideas into a realistic view of how they would work as a business. Its a fantastic programme and I recommend it to anyone who has an idea or passion to start their own business. 

So with the opportunity I couldn’t resist to take my passion for taking something unwanted or worn and transforming it into something totally different! 

Okay so first things first, The Business Idea

After the Nesta kit had been taken through all its stages of my ideas for my business – Which I will take you through showing my business idea-next  step was to write a business proposal to try and tell the world why?