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Great website/blog showing the top design bloggers to follow!


Some people just know how to make the coolest stuff. For the rest of us, figuring out all the details can be the toughest part of fun DIYs. Luckily, there are a multitude of DIY bloggers out there, toiling away in their studios and giving away their secrets for free. Why buy a lifeless picture frame or salad bowl without adding some of your own taste and flourish? Our projects may not always turn out perfectly, but here’s to aiming for perfectly Instagram-styled blogger perfection (or, at least, an honorable mention on Regretsy).

1. A Beautiful Mess
This is the DIY big leagues, folks. Sisters Elsie and Emma have a whole support team behind their blog. (It has major swag, so it shows.) There are DIYs for days—and years—along with recipes, fashion makeover stories and beauty tutorials. If strictly DIY is what you’re after, you can find the goods in projects like telephone bookends, a burned wood salad bowl and horse pillows with 3-D manes.

2. Paper & Stitch
Brittni Mehlhoff’s blog became a full-time gig a long time ago and during those years her projects have been featured in just about every shelter publication possible. That feat is well deserved, as they include more than your average DIYs. Easy home upgrades include a gorgeous fresh flower light pendant, gnome-style jewelry caddy, and neon kitchen canisters. You no longer have any excuse for a ho-hum apartment.

3. Lovely Indeed
Chelsea’s blog started out as a way to organize her wedding DIY projects. It’s continued as a destination for creative photobooth wall ideas and adorable home accents like air plant cups, paper mache bowls and leather passport holders. So basically, a DIY for every part of your life that you should probably do, because you definitely need that cute, shiny thing.

4. Almost Makes Perfect
Freelance designer and editor Molly has some mad DIY and crafting skills that translate into the handmade stuff that you wish your friends would give you for your birthday. Dip-dyed candlesticks, chic copper-handled salad serves and celestial coasters would all make the perfect hostess—or anytime—gifts.

5. Little Green Notebook
Jenny’s large-scale projects for her Brooklyn brownstone will spur pinning frenzies and some serious Craigslist hunting. But, the interior designer also shares lots of small-scale projects that don’t require a lot of prep space. Striped brass planters, faux blue opaline glass and Les Touches-style memo boards are counted amongst the rental-friendlier projects.

6. Weekday Carnival
Finnish blogger and designer Riikka Kantinkoski leans on the minimalist side. Think white interiors with her designed prints balanced with metal, wood and concrete-heavy home accents. Less is probably more, though, when you surround yourself with DIY concrete tabletops, geometric pipe lampshades and minimalist chic (read: awesome) coat hangers.

7. Aunt Peaches
You have to give respect where respect is due when it comes to crafting with stuff that non-crafters have in their homes. We (sadly) don’t all have an arsenal of paint pens and a rainbow of card stock at our disposal, or weird stamps that a lot of cool crafters always have on hand. Peaches does awesome, sparkly, fun work with normal people stuff. Tutorials on coffee filter cherry blossoms, silk ties-dyed Easter eggs and recycled political signs jewelry displays just scratch the surface of these creative, unconventional projects

8. Honestly WTF
There is so much fashion and décor DIY goodness to find on this blog. (And lots of other amazing stuff, too.) Striped chairs, tassel sandals and nearly every bracelet variation you could imagine is all for the picking in this colorful (both meanings) blog. And don’t even get me started on their Pinterest page.

9. Design*Sponge
Call this stating the obvious, but Grace Bonney’s blog is an autopilot DIY project go-to. The scope of types, need expertise, and sheer volume of projects cater to the spectrum of DIY-ers. Apart from DIY, the blog offers advice for professional artisans and beginning bloggers, and a vast spectrum of thorough city guides.

10. P.S. – I Made This…
Even the laziest of crafters (ahem), can find something on their level. Queen crafter Erica Domesek is churning out DIY projects like no one’s business, except hers. Each how-to comes with an inspirational collage that’s easily worth a spot on your prized pinboard. Fashion and accessories—like iridescent slip-ons and crystal cat headbands—take center stage, but there’s substantial food and lifestyle love, too—like truffle dessert kabobs and gemstone candle toppers. If this blog doesn’t inspire you to DIY, just start a craft supplies bonfire.


90 Pallet Interior Ideas

As wood is getting scarcer, wooden furniture is becoming more expensive, sought after and valuable.  Recycled pallet furniture is a creative, earth-friendly, and inexpensive way to add some wood to your decor.

At the same time there is a trend towards a simpler lifestyle and bringing natural materials like wood back into the home. Alot of people salvage these materials from shipyards, buildings, barns and factories and “upcycle” it (another buzz word) into beautiful furniture.

This post was inspired by a pinteresting board by 1001 Pallets on Pinterest.  They have also created an entire blog based on creative diy projects made from recycled/repurposed pallets.  This is a very cool site.  Visit 1001 Pallets for more. Follow 1001 Pallets on Pinterest.

Porch swing made from repurposed pallets. Genius idea. [via]

DIY hanging pallet for garden organization. [via]

Pallet as optimized habitat for insects. If you love insects, here is a custom way to welcome biodiversity in your garden. [via]

These coffeetables/sidetables are made with love out of shipping pallets. [via]

Sofa made from recycled pallets.

Winter garden made from pallets. [via]

Outdoor pallets bar & stools. [via]

Don’t have enough space for a garden…try the vertical pallet garden ! [via]

Garden pallet table. [via]

Custom pallet as a coffee table ! for cards players ! [via]

Patio bar made from recycled pallets.

Vertical garden on recycled pallet. [via]

Sides of pallets painted white, floor is white plywood, roof is plexiglass with emergency blanket. Illuminated by a yellow florescent in the bottom and 2 red or blue florescent at the top of the rear pallet. [via]

Many models of colored garden armchair made with old pallets ! [via]

DIY: Chillout pallet sofa.  [via]

Mobile storage from recycled pallets.

Kids bed made from recycled pallets. [via]

Here is one of the most complete and beautiful pallet DIY project we’ve seen ! An entire kid house dedicated to play and/or read ! Made by Antony Mazelin for a french kid concept store ! [via]

DIY Pallet wall by Treestyler. Idea proposed by Meme Theme on Facebook. [via]

12 WIDE Mouth Size DIY Mason Jar Lantern Hangers (Wires Only- No jars or Wood Hanger) This is a really cool Etsy store! by treasureagain

A children playhouse made entirely from recycled pallets ! [via]

Rustic dining table made from repurposed pallets. [via]

Garden lounge made from recycled pallets. [via]

Bar made of pallets and a baby-carriage ! [via]

Trunk built from pallets. [via]

Accent wall made from pallets. [via]

Mobile entertainment center made from repurposed pallets.  Brilliant! [via]

Stools made from shipping pallets. [via]

Here is another way of use for a discarded pallet. Holds 10 standard wine bottles or your favorite booze! [via]

Outdoor storage bench made from pallets. [via]

Homemade pallet coffee table. [via]

How to hang a pallet.  Hanging wall shelf made from repurposed pallet. [via]

A nice, possibly colored and very cheap TV holder ! [via]

Kitchen island made from pallets.

Sliding bathroom door made from refinished pallets.

Porch swing made from a pallet. Beautiful boat atmosphere !

Outdoor pallet sofas.

Bathroom pallet wall.

Pallet garden bench.

Pallet turned into a bench. – Pallet Storage Bench/Coffee Table Tutorial.  This blog has a lof of great ideas for upcycled pallet furniture with full tutorials. [via]

Ball jar storage shelf made from a recycled pallet. [via]

Bed made from pallets.

DIY with wooden pallets and crates. Pallet table. [via]

Pallet twin beds.

Pallet easel.

Pallet island for your kitchen. Couresy of Beyond the Picket Fence. [via]

Also check out their other beautiful furniture made from upcycled pallets. Lots of beautiful images. [via]

Pallet book shelf.

Pallet shoe rack.

Pallet stools.

Mudroom made with palets.

Computer desk made from pallets.

Red sofas made from upcycled pallets.

Home theater made from upcycled pallets.

Pallet shevles and bike rack.

Pallet armchair and console table.

Upcycled pallet wall shelf.

Upcycled pallet toddler bed. [via]

The following images come from a brilliant article on upcycled pallets.  [via]

Upcycled mobile pallet coffee table.

Upcycled pallet flooring.

Upcycled pallet porch swing.

Outdoor hanging hammock made from upcycled pallets.

Pallet vertical garden.

Pallet garden bench.

Green mobile coffee table made from upcycled pallet.

Low profile pallet coffee table.

Artistic pallet coffee table.

Pallet coat rack.

Pallet headboard.

Room divider made from upcycled pallets.

DIY pallet headboard.

Pallet lounge sofa.

Corner nook made from upcycled pallets.

Pallet wall art.

Bar made from upcycled pallets.

Rustic kitchen made with pallets.

Pallet kitchen storage rack.

Upcycled pallet kitchen island.

Mobile outdoor table made from pallets.

Pallet stairs.

Artful pallet tree.

Chic apartment furniture made from upcycled pallets.

Outdoor garden made from pallets.

Kitchen pot rack made with pallet.

Beautiful pallet shelf.

Pallet mudroom.

Music room sofa made from upcycled pallets.


Living room decorated with pallet furniture. [via]

Hutch made from recycled pallets. [via]

Pallet Armoire

Pallet Side Table [via]

Pallet Chair [via]

Pallets in the bathroom of a loft. [via]

Pallet Desk [via]

DIY Tutorial on this FAB Pallet Topped Desk! [via]

Pallet kitchen furniture. [via]

Outdoor pallet bench. [via]

Pallet plant holders. [via]

Pallet house for firewood. [via]

Moon cradle made out of pallets. [via]

Some photos of our first little prototyping focus group.

Our Finished Products!


Some photos of the process of our hard workers!

Lovely pallet wine rack!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Upcycled Pallet Wine Rack

We create gorgeous shelf/display pieces out of old shipping pallets.  Use them for wine bottle/liquor storage, books, art, framed photos, you name it.  Each rustic rack comes with three eye hooks for securing to a wall.  We can make these to order in any finish you choose: natural, stained, waxed, or painted.

Measures: 12″ tall (8″ tall backboard) x 30″ long x 5.5″ deep
Comes with 3 strong eye hooks to hang on wall

You can purchase these wineracks at our store or on etsy for $80 plus S&H:

  1. I believe it is pine…


The Crate People

The Crate People

Hello everyone!

Happy Friday!

This week I have found somme cracking displays I’m going to pop up later hopefully get some people inspired!
But first I have to share this amazing website which is fantastic it is one of the websites that is similar to the image and style id like Divercycle to have but  Divercycle being more in-depth, another reason why I want to create my business the Uk,Scotland  the americans are already on it! Its amazing what you an do ,take a look and see what you think!  

A New Beginning.

So I have recently started up this blog with the intentions to carry
out this business idea ( Divercycle )! into my forth year or Jewellery and Metalwork Design,I know what your thinking this isn’t jewellery! no, of course its not. But stay with me…

This has been something I have always been interested in and had a passion for many years always as a child and with my Aunt we would be making something wonderful for her garden and house from whatever we had found on the road trip earlier on in the week! “There is aways something she would tell me, you just have to keep your eyes open!” The advantage of the course  that I’m studying is that you learn an array of skills which prepares us ready for the ever-changing future. 

Taking a module for the end of my third year and continuing onto my forth and final year, Design Enterprise lead by Professor Mike Press is a module lead around being an entrepreneur. He guided my class through an amazing programme called Starter for Six produced by Nesta created by The University of Dundee,Scotland. This programme allowed you to put your passions/business ideas into a realistic view of how they would work as a business. Its a fantastic programme and I recommend it to anyone who has an idea or passion to start their own business. 

So with the opportunity I couldn’t resist to take my passion for taking something unwanted or worn and transforming it into something totally different! 

Okay so first things first, The Business Idea

After the Nesta kit had been taken through all its stages of my ideas for my business – Which I will take you through showing my business idea-next  step was to write a business proposal to try and tell the world why?


New Beginnings

Diverscycle is the launch of new, fun modern way to up cycle.

80% of UK household rubbish can be recycled or reused…420.000 tonnes of waste wood is produced by households! A further 670.000 tones of this wood produced is wooden pallets and crates. This alone is just one of that landfill facts we face today! With this thought in mind Diverscycle aims to reduce waste by creating a business around up cycled products and educating people on up cycling wood and other household waste to use in this modern day and age! Our promise to you is to provide a valuable education with quality creative outcomes by using a new modern way of up cycling .


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